Collection: Troubleshoot

On this page you will find all our installation instructions / trouble shooting documents for the WallPod/Charging cables.


WallPod installation instructions 

RCBO reset guide

Checking CP connection

WallPod status indicator colours

  • Flashing blue light - Ready for Charge (IEC socket only)
  • Fixed blue light - Cable plugged in but not charging
  • Fixed green light - Charging in progress
  • Flashing red light - Fault indicated - Switch off unit at source and switch back on after 20 secs to clear fault. If fault persists, contact your installer


A very common problem people have with charging cables is not pushing them in fully. New cables are notoriously stiff and must be pushed in with considerable force. Sometimes we even recommend using Vaseline to lubricate the connector. 

Storing Cables

We always recommend re-curling your cables so they don't become tangled and storing them in a dry location/bag. While they have got an IP44 water proof rating it is good to err on the side of caution and keep them dry.

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